Programme for Hugo Sinzheimer Moot Court Competition 2017 in Aarhus

Thursday 15 June at City Hall and Aarhus University 

17.30-18.30: Opening event at Aarhus City Hall

18.45-20.30: Cultural evening at Aarhus University, Vandrehallen.

Friday 16 June at Aarhus University

9.00-10.30: Arrival of teams and preparation time at team rooms

9.15-10.15: Information meeting for judges at the Judges room

10.30-12.00: Quarterfinals I (A, B, C, D) in the court rooms

12.00-12.45: Lunch at Vandrehallen

12.45-14.15: Quarterfinals II (A, B, C, D) in the court rooms 

14.15-14.45: Coffee break at Vandrehallen

14.45-16.15: Quarterfinals III (A, B, C, D) in the court rooms

16.15-17.15: Judges deliberations 

16:15-17:15: Guided tour of Aarhus University Campus

17.15-17.30: Group photo at Solgaarden - Photo of everyone - teams, supporters, coaches, judges, organising committee

17.15-18.00: Annoncement of semifinalists and drawing of roles in semifinals.

19.30: Judges and coaches dinner

Saturday 17 June at Tinghuset

8.00-10.00: Arrivals. Allow time for security check. Mingling at the Common Area at the 1st floor.

8.00-10.00: Preparation of semifinalists in team rooms. Allocated upon arrival.

9.15-10.00: Judges meeting. Judges’ room at Court Room 3, ground floor.

10.00-11.30: Semifinal I (Winner A and B). Court Room 13, 2nd floor.

10.00-11.30: Semifinal II (Winner C and D). Court Room 3, ground floor.

11.30-12.00: Judges deliberations. Judges’ rooms at Court Rooms 3 and 13.

12.00: Announcement of finalists. Announcement of winner of student-judge competition. Drawing of roles in Finale. Exchange of written statements. Common area at the 1st floor.

12.00-13.00: Lunch at the Common area at the 1st floor.

12.00-13.30: Finalists prepare in team rooms.
Break time suggestion for non-finalists: Visit to Aros Art Museum Rainbow Walk (across the street).

13.30-15.00: Finale at Court Room 3, ground floor.

15.00-15.15: Judges’ deliberations. Judges’ room at Court Room 3, ground floor.

15.15-16.15: Awards ceremony. Diplomas, awards. Court Room 3, ground floor.

19.30: Dinner for all

22.00: Party in town