Practical information


A booklet with all information about the Finale, including teams, coaches and sponsors, will be handed out upon arrival. The online version of the booklet is available here


When arriving at the City Hall, you will be greeted by our lovely volunteer student helpers, and each team will be provided with conference bags and name tags.

Food and drinks

All food and drink will be provided during breaks and for lunch Friday and Saturday. Also, several canteens are open during Friday at the university. See Cafeterias at the University. Also, there is a small kiosk in the intersection closest to Vandrehallen, which is open till late. 


At Vandrehallen, Aarhus University, we will set up a printer station, to be used for the teams to print out pages as part of their preparation. Please be mindfull of the environment and print only when necessary.


Wireless network

Aarhus University is part of Eduroam. Participants, who are not Eduroam-users, will upon arrival Friday morning receive a username and password to access Aarhus University guest wi-fi.

Wireless network will also be available at Tinghuset. 

Information and social media

- In Vandrehallen there is a manned information desk, for all your questions. Also, the Facebook page HS MCC will be updated continuously with information and news, which will be shown on Vandrehallens large screen. This will have live updated information feeds from the competitions and the program.

 - With regards to Social Media we encourage all participants to share their experiences in photos and tweets during the finale days as well as during preparations in the spring months on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Use the hashtags #hsmcc #hugomoot #hugo17aarhus – so everyone can enjoy what is going on. 

Team rooms

Each team will have a preparation room allocated. The rooms will be allocated upon arrival on Friday morning at the information desk in Vandrehallen. Saturday morning, preparation rooms for semifinalist teams will be allocated upon arrival a the Court building, where there is an information room at the ground floor after security check. 

Municipal Court

We are very fortunate to have the Municipal Court support the Hugo Moot Finale by allowing us to use the beautiful newly renovated Tinghuset building for the proceedings Saturday. A few practical pointers on this:

- There will be a security check upon arrival. Please allow ample time for arrivals. Also, allow time for security checks upon returns, if you leave the building  during the day.

- As it is a working court house, please do not cross if an area is screened off. Also, please follow any instructions of the very friendly and helpful guards on duty for us.

-  The building is newly renovated. Please be extra careful when you move around in the building, so we do not leave any marks on walls, doors, curtains, floors, etc.

- Photos and videos are allowed everywhere.

- Free and open internet is available.