ARROW – Aarhus Research on Regulation of Work

The world of work is constantly changing, and so is the area of law that regulates the relationships between the employers and employees and among the social partners.

The research group ARROW has been started to contribute with analysis of labour law and labour law related topics, bringing together researchers from labour law as well as a wide range of researchers from neighbouring topics of law.

ARROW aims to conduct research on individual and collective labour law, at national level but also considering EU law, the Council of Europe, international labour law and their interactions with national systems.


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Photo: Vincenzo Pietrogiovanni

19.12.2019 | Navne , ARROW

AUFF starting grant of 2,200,000 kr. for Vincenzo Pietrogiovanni from Department of Law

The project: 'Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Labour Law' aims to evaluate the impact of new technologies on labour regulation (on both the individual employment contract and the collective relationships) and propose feasible solutions for a sustainable AI at work.