2014.08.26 | Research news, IntraLaw

Top U.S. lawyer to contribute to Arctic research at AU

Professor (LLD) Edward Canuel, an American diplomat and professor at the U.S. Military Academy (West Point) in New York, has been appointed honorary professor at Aarhus University. His focus: comparative law and socio-economic legal studies, with special emphasis on the Arctic. Edward’s inaugural lecture will take place on 24 October.

2014.05.27 | Public/media

Foreigners are keen to read about a Danish lawyer

Jens Evald’s biographical work about the great Danish jurisprudential thinker Alf Ross is now being published in England and the U.S. The book caused a great deal of debate when it was first published in Denmark in 2010. Not least due to the book’s assessment of Ross’ impact on contemporary law.

2014.04.28 | People

Tine Sommer new head of the Department of Law

Professor Tine Sommer will be new head of the Department of Law for the next three years. As of 1 June 2014, she will be taking over the position from Professor Michael Steinicke, who will be returning to his professorship.

Michael Steinicke’s areas of research are primarily public procurement law, EU law and international and Danish market and competition law.

2014.03.10 | Public/media

Head of Department Michael Steinicke is resigning from his position

Head of the Department of Law Michael Steinicke wants to dedicate more time to his research, and he has therefore chosen to resign from his position as head of department as of 1 June 2014.

2014.02.14 | Research news

The first overall legal study of PET

Many foreign intelligence agencies are divided into both a security and an intelligence department. And Denmark would also benefit from adopting this division. Such is the conclusion of a new PhD dissertation from School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University, which constitutes the first overall legal study of the Danish Security and…

2013.12.11 | Awards

Professor of Law Tine Sommer receives the 2013 Jorck Foundation Research Prize

Professor Tine Sommer from the Department of Law receives the Jorck Foundation Research Prize of DKK 200,000 in recognition of her research on complex biomedical patents and new environmentally sound technologies.

2013.10.25 | Research news

New financial research group at the Department of Law

A new financial and interdisciplinary research group, the Research Group on Law and Finance, has recently been established at the Department of Law. The group will focus their research on the management of insolvent financial firms and on financial counselling and professional liability.

2013.10.03 | Research news

Companies must make demands on suppliers regarding CO2

World leaders are unable to agree on a joint global climate policy. If we seriously want to reduce the world’s CO2 emission, we should be focusing instead on the contracts made by companies in Europe and the USA with their suppliers in developing countries. Research from the Department of Law shows that large amounts of CO2 could be saved.

2013.09.30 | Society and politics

Greenland and the Arctic are caught in a legal minefield

The environment and the inhabitants are at risk of losing out as a result of the exploitation of Arctic resources. Researchers at Aarhus University have been set the task of finding legal issues in order to ensure that societies and the environment will not suffer.

2013.08.23 | Aarhus BSS, Business and finance

New management board education to strengthen SMEs

This fall Aarhus University offers a new management education that is tailored for SMEs. The work of the board of directors in SMEs differs greatly from the board work required in public limited liability companies (PLCs), and it therefore requires special training. Aarhus University’s management programme, which takes place over the course of 10…

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