New financial research group at the Department of Law

A new financial and interdisciplinary research group, the Research Group on Law and Finance, has recently been established at the Department of Law. The group will focus their research on the management of insolvent financial firms and on financial counselling and professional liability.

A new interdisciplinary research group, the Research Group on Law and Finance, has recently been established at the Department of Law. Their research project will be officially launched at an inaugural seminar on 29 October, where one of the world’s leading experts on comparative and international financial law, Professor QC Phillip Wood, will offer a prediction of future developments in the field of finance.

The Research Group on Law and Finance is based at the Department of Law at School of Business and Social Sciences. The members are a mix of economists and lawyers working in various research areas; but what they have in common is that, in one way or another, they are all engaged in work to regulate financial systems and markets.

An active community of interest
Tanja Sørensen is coordinator and co-founder of the research group, and according to her, the group constitutes an active community of interests.  

“When we sit down and start discussing, that is when all the strong, innovative research ideas are born. It is a creative environment fuelled by a common interest. We are all specialists in our own fields, and by sharing our knowledge with each other, we can achieve far deeper insight into financial issues. As a member of the group, when you attend meetings, you will not only be enlightened on new topics, you will also benefit from being part of a professional community. All members of the group are committed to the work of the group, providing each other with input and support,” explains Tanja Jørgensen.

Two ongoing research projects
So far, the Law and Finance research group has two research projects in the pipeline. One deals with the management and regulation of insolvent financial firms. The group is planning a seminar on this topic that will take place in May 2014.

The second project deals with financial counselling and professional liability, seeking to clarify how e.g. financial counselling is different from other types of counselling, and what is the nature of the interaction between ordinary tort law and the special circumstances that apply in relation to financial counselling.

“Once we have the project underway, we will hopefully be able to seek funding for other innovative research projects that go into depth with and reach across the traditional disciplines. We need those kinds of projects, especially given the fact that in recent years the field of finance and regulation has expanded, and this has a significant influence on society,” she concludes.

Members of the research group
Currently the research group comprises the following people:

  • Professor, Paul Krüger Andersen, LLD
  • Associate Professor, Hanne Søndergaard Birkmose
  • Professor, Lasse Højlund Christensen
  • Professor with special responsibilities (MSO), René Franz Henschel
  • Professor, Torsten Iversen, LLD
  • Professor, Dennis Ramsdal Jensen
  • Professor, Dennis Ramsdal Jensen
  • Associate Professor, Pernille Wegener Jessen
  • Associate Professor, Tanja Jørgensen
  • Lawyer, PhD , Martin Christian Kruhl
  • PhD fellow, Marina Bitsch Madsen
  • Associate Professor, Anne-Dorte Bruun Nielsen
  • Professor, Karsten Revsbech, LLD
  • Professor with special responsibilities (MSO), Henrik Stensgaard  
  • Professor, Karsten Engsig Sørensen, LLD
  • Professor, Carsten Tanggaard


For further information about the research group:

Associate Professor, Tanja Jørgensen
Department of Law, School of Business and Social Sciences

Tel.: +45 8716 5658