About the network NNLLS

In recent years, labour law scholarship has been experiencing an unprecedently growing trend of networking, which has brought about many positive outcomes. The exchange of ideas and perspectives – a vital factor for academia – has been boosted and, as a consequence of these increasing collaborations across the world, now many joint projects are or have been in place. The Labour Law Research Network – LLRN  with all its opportunities of meeting and collaborating with colleagues from all over the world in less than 5 years, is one of the best examples.

In such a global context, however, it is also important to create and cultivate regional networks, which offer the benefits of inter-university and international cooperation as well as the advantage of being close and easy to connect.

This is the reason why we are now creating the Nordic Network of Labour Law Scholars, and we would be happy to organise as many colleagues working in Nordic universities as possible.

The Nordic Network of Labour Law Scholars is open to researchers in labour law, of all statuses, who are active in any Nordic university or research centre. The membership is individual, but institutions are also welcome to support the Network.

Some of the institutions in which we are affiliated, are already part of EU-rättsligt nätverk och forskningssamarbete run by Institutet för social civilrätt at the Law Faculty of Stockholm University. NNLLS will have a supplementary function with a different focus.

The primary goal of NNLLS is to create a forum where Nordic scholars can meet, discuss and exchange ideas, projects and other developments on labour law. NNLLS is meant to facilitate the sharing of the academic works done by colleagues in Nordic research institutions, but it may also be an opportunity to develop joint projects and joint publications.

Organizing committee

From Norway: Anette Hemmingby (BI, Oslo) and Johann Mulder (University of Oslo)

From Sweden: Mikael Hansson (Uppsala University), Petra Herzfeld-Olsson (Stockholm University)

From Finland: Marjo Ylhäinen (University of Eastern Finland), Samuli Hiilesniemi (Helsinki University)

From Iceland: Trausti Fannar Valsson (University of Iceland)

From Denmark: Natalie Videbæk Munkholm (Aarhus University) and Vincenzo Pietrogiovanni (Aarhus University)