Who is who

The HS MCC is supported by many persons and organisations. We highly appreciate their support in various contributions, including financial.

1. Members of the Advisory Board

We are very thankful to the members of the advisory board who all agreed to support the HS MCC by participating in the advisory board on personal title. The trust of these distinguished persons in the field of labour law in our daring endeavour the HS MCC is means a great deal to us.

Thank you

  • Manfred Weiss (Chair)
  • Gerrard Boot
  • Guy Davidov
  • Teun Jaspers
  • Claire Kilpatrick
  • Tonia Novitz
  • Lukasz Pisarczyk
  • Mia Rönnmar
  • Isabelle Schömann
  • Jean-Michel Servais
  • Takashi Araki

2. Members of the Case Committee(s)

Without the voluntary participation and efforts of the members of each year’s case committee it would not be possible to have a Hugo Sinzheimer Moot Competition. We are therefore very grateful that these already very busy and well respected experts dedicate a significant part of their spare time outside office hours to the drafting of a challenging, balanced and as realistic as possible case.

The Case Committee is new for each year’s Hugo Moot, and consist of judges, practitioners and academics in labour law from the Law Host country. Thank you for volunteering your time and for your valuable contribution to the Hugo Moot.

3. Members of the Host Committee(s)

Each year a new University hosts the finale of the Hugo Moot competition. It is such a pleasure to be welcomed by local academics, who must be applauded for their endeavours to facilitate the actual festive finale activities. Many local persons are involved each year in making everything run smoothly. This is a huge task  as well as expense for the host university each year, and we sincerely appreciate and acknowledge the generous hospitality displayed.
Thank you for your willingness to contribute your time and sponsorship for the Hugo Moot

4. Members of the Organising Committee

The Organising Committee is responsible for the organisation of the Moot Court Competition as such. 

The members of the Organising Committee are:

  • Dr. Antonio Garcia-Muñuz, Alhambra, University of Castilla la Mancha, Spain
  • Dr. Piotr Grzebyk, University of Warsaw, Poland
  • Dr. Beryl ter Haar, University of Warsaw, Poland and University of Groeningen, the Netherlands.
  • Dr. Attila Kun, Karoli Gaspar University Budapest, Hungary
  • Dr. Natalie Videbaek Munkholm, Aarhus University, Denmark
  • Dr. Zakaria Shvelidze, Tbilisi State University, Georgia