Hugo Sinzheimer Moot Court Competition

Doing a moot court is essential. Doing one in labour law is special. 
Doing the Hugo Moot is awesome!    

The Hugo Sinzheimer Moot Court Competition is a competition in European Labour Law for law students across Europe.

The aim of the Hugo Moot is to deepen and improve knowledge and insight into this field of EU Law, to offer students an opportunity to work and act like real lawyers arguing a case before a jury of judges, and to give an opportunity to learn in a setting that is different from the normal class-room learning experience. They work in groups, they meet and compete against students in an international setting, they get comparative insights from the case and meeting the other teams, they get deep knowledge about the subject matter and the element of competition adds an extra challenge.

The competition imitates real life court situations and addresses the most challenging and topical issues within the field of EU Labour Law and its application in Member States. During the competition teams prepare written statements, which are assessed individually, and oral pleas, which are performed at the oral finale in front of a jury panel consisting of internationally renowned experts and judges.

Videos from Hugo Moot

Get an impression of the Hugo Moot finale in 2017.
About Hugo Moot from organisers, coaches and participants in 2016.

"Today, EU and comparative perspectives are vital for the understanding of the content and development of labour law. The Hugo Sinzheimer Moot Court Competition stimulates an interest in such important perspectives, and brings students from different countries together and creates networks for the future." 

Mia Rönnmar 
Member advisory board - Dean, Prof. in Private Law, Lund University 

"It is an amazing opportunity to get in touch with students from different countries and to really experience what going through a trial means! It was a great chance for us, as students, to have such a closeup on how being a lawyer (or trying to!) feels like." 

Erica Maida
Participant Italian team 2016 

"The reason for us to coach the students from the Danish team is actually very easy. It is a great opportunity for us as practisioners to inspire and help the students. Also to show them how to use European labour law in practice, which this moot court is about." 

Daniella Elkan and Morten Eisensee
Coaches Danish team - lawyers at Kammeradvokaten 2016