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2013.08.19 | Research news

Doctoral dissertation on new technologies and patent law

On Friday 30 August 2013, Tine Sommer will defend her doctoral dissertation bearing the title Can Law Make Life (too) Simple? From gene patents to the patenting of environmentally sound technologies.

2013.07.04 | Awards

Lars Henrik Gam Madsen named lecturer of the year

At the Faculty Party in June, Professor Lars Henrik Gam Madsen was named "Lecturer of the Year at BSS". Lars Henrik Gam Madsen is a highly accomplished lecturer, and his teaching now even includes the use of an electronic learning platform for giving students a clearer insight into the world of law and a more active role in relation to written…

2013.05.15 | Research news

Courts' lack of openness can hit small business

New research shows that neither Danish nor a number of foreign courts are complying with the UN’s convention for international trade. There is a lack of openness about the judgements. This can have serious consequences for many small Danish businesses involved in international law cases, warns AU researcher.

The whole Vis Moot team 2013 from Aarhus University, including coaches.

2013.04.23 | Education news

Law students earn recognition and win impressive position at this year’s Vis Moot

This year’s Vis Moot team from Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences, Department of Law, was among the top 16 best teams at this year’s Vis Moot competition at which a total of 290 universities participated. The team therefore put Denmark on the world map in this prestigious international competition where no other Danish teams…

2013.04.23 | News from the management

Lecturer of the year

The Legal Academic Council (Jurrådet) has awarded associate professor Helle Isager, Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences, Department of Law, the lecturer of the year award. In presenting the award, the students are acknowledging Helle Isager for her instructive and effective teaching.

2013.03.11 | News type, Research news, People

Students to benefit from new research into international law

The Department of Law at Aarhus University has received a DKK 6 million grant from the Professor Max Sørensen Memorial Foundation. The grant is to be used to boost the study of international law and will greatly benefit law students at the university.

2013.03.08 | News type, Research news

Law professor appointed to new committee on human rights law

The Danish Ministry of Justice has appointed Michael Hansen Jensen, Professor of Law at Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences, to a special committee on human rights law tasked with assessing the importance of granting greater prominence to human rights in Danish law.

2013.02.28 | Lecture / talk, Public/media, Staff

Max Sørensen lecture pulling in crowds

On 19 January 2013, the renowned AU law professor Max Sørensen would have been 100 years old. The event was celebrated in a packed Lakeside Lecture Theatre. Supreme court judge Jens Peter Christensen, LLD, gave the anniversary lecture.

2013.02.11 | Public/media, Students, Staff

Max Sørensen lecture 2013 – constitutional law and political science

To mark the centenary of the birth of Max Sørensen, professor at AU and LLD, Jens Peter Christensen, high court judge and LLD, will be giving a lecture about Max Sørensen on 19 February 2013 from 12.15 until 13.15 in Lakeside Lecture Theatre 1.

2012.11.26 | Knowledge exchange, Public/media, Events

Democracy and fundamental rights of individuals – are international human rights conventions superior to Danish laws?

Denmark has committed itself to comply with the European Convention on Human Rights administered by the European Court of Human Rights. The Danish Constitution also protects human rights, but the Convention on Human Rights can be interpreted more broadly in some aspects, meaning that the European Court of Human Rights interprets the convention…

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Event archive

Thu 29 Sep
09:00-18:00 | Aarhus University
Interaction between human rights: 50 years of the Covenants - day 1
INTRAlaw (International and Transnational Tendencies in Law) is organising an academic workshop on the theme of "Interaction between human rights: 50 years of the Covenants". See programme and speakers here.
Tue 27 Sep
13:00-15:30 | Aarhus University, building 1324, lecture hall 011
PhD defence: "Legal Implications of Weapons Systems with Autonomous Attack Capabilities"
Iben Yde will defend her PhD thesis titled: "The Legal Implications of Weapons Systems with Autonomous Attack Capabilities − Towards an Understanding of the Changes in Human Influence on Target Selection and Engagement".
Fri 10 Jun
12:00-13:30 | Aarhus University, building 1324, lecture hall 011
PHD DEFENCE: Multi-Party and Multi-Contract Arbitration in the Construction Industry
DIMITAR HRISTOFOROV KONDEV: Public defence of the PhD thesis: Multi-Party and Multi-Contract Arbitration in the Construction Industry Topic of the lecture: ‘Establishing consent to Multi-Party and Multi-Contract Arbitration in the Construction Industry’
Thu 26 May
11:45-17:00 | Aarhus University, Department of Law, building 1410, room 247
Governance of Arctic marine areas with focus on Denmark and Greenland
At this workshop arranged by INTRAlaw research group and Arctic Research Centre, experts and researchers from all of Denmark will outline the different legal og regulative challenges and problems in the Arctic marine areas around Denmark and Greenland.
Wed 13 Apr
16:00-18:00 | Aarhus University, building 1324, room 011 (Tvillingeauditorierne)
Meet five experienced American defense lawyers
Ask them anything! Death penalty, police shootings, NSA's surveillance of Facebook and other social media, GPS and cell-phone tracking. Five american defense lawyers will provide us with insight on some of their most critical cases and answer your questions about the US court system.
Fri 18 Mar
10:30-15:30 | The Conference Centre, meeting room 1, Aarhus University, Fredrik Nielsens Vej, 8000 Aarhus C.
Theme meeting and PhD defence: Social benefits and the internal market
At this theme meeting, Professor Michael Dougan from University of Liverpool will outline the UK’s renegotiation of the EU membership, the proposed “red card” powers for the national parliaments, and the draft restrictions on access to welfare for EU nationals. Afterwards, Henrik Skovgaard-Petersen will defend his PhD thesis about the relationship between free movement and non-discrimination - particularly with respect to social rights and benefits illustrated by the case of student mobility.
Thu 11 Feb
16:00-17:00 | Bygning 1414, lokale 311/312 (frokoststuen), Juridisk Institut, Aarhus Universitet
Thinking about doing a PhD in law?
Come to the information meeting at the Department of Law and find out more about the PhD degree programme in law, hear current PhD students talk about their experiences, and get inspiration for subjects, projects and the PhD process. The information meeting is in Danish, but you are welcome to attend and ask us questions.
Tue 12 Jan
09:00-17:00 | Aarhus University, Department of Law
Basic course: Transnational Law – Theories and Research Methods
While the distinction between national and international law, based on the Westphalian model, represents the basic model to understand and explain current legal orders, the idea of transnational law has been emerging for decades now. We all have a certain understanding of the term. But what is it really? How well does it fit within our current legal systems? Or is it a new legal system altogether? And how do we conduct research in transnational topics and law, or use it to explain the development of our legal orders?
Tue 01 Dec
13:00-15:30 | Aarhus University, building 1342, lecture hall 455
PHD Defence: The conflict between commercial and environmental interests
Kristinn Már Reynisson will give us insight about the conflict between commercial and environmental interests, through the prism of company law and environmental law.
Fri 13 Nov
09:00-17:00 | Konferencecentret, Aarhus University, Fredrik Nielsens Vej 4, building 1421, 8000 Aarhus C
Security and governance in the global Arctic: Nordic and international perspectives - day 2
The purpose of the conference is to provide a forum for policy-makers and academics to deliberate on how the security, resilience and sustainability of the globalized Arctic region and its peoples may be enhanced and what instruments of governance may most suitably contribute to that.

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