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2017.11.02 | Research news

Assistant Professor awarded grant for research project in EU law

Graham Butler, Assistant Professor at the Department of Law, Aarhus BSS, has been awarded grant of 1,25 million DKK from the Aarhus University Research Foundation (AUFF) on access to justice issues within the scope of European Union law.

2017.01.17 | Research news

Researcher: War robots are not illegal

New legal research concludes that weapons systems with autonomous attack capabilities capable of selecting and engaging a target without human interference are not illegal in and of themselves. However, a political decision should be made regarding their use, says the researcher.

2016.12.06 | People

Negotiation expert appointed honorary associate professor

For almost a decade, he has introduced law students and lawyers to the noble art of negotiation. Now, Executive VP Mikkel Gudsøe has been appointed honorary associate professor at the Department of Law.

2016.12.05 | Public/media

The Department of Law gets its own courtroom

Students and employees at Aarhus BSS - Aarhus University can now simulate and train their skills at legal proceedings in real-life surroundings.

From the play “Welcome to Denmark”, where the audience was forced to consider specific asylum cases.

2016.10.12 | Public/media

Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen appointed honorary professor in law

He has arranged theatre plays in front of the City Hall, invited refugees to take part in his classes, and is actually a political science graduate. Now Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen, an unorthodox and internationally recognised researcher, has been appointed honorary professor at the Department of Law in Aarhus.

Henrik Saugmandsgaard Øe will be an honorary professor at the Department of Law until 2021.

2016.08.24 | People

The Department of Law appoints Advocate General Henrik Øe

Previously he has battled giants such as Google and Apple to protect consumers. Now the former consumer ombudsman and current Advocate General at the Court of Justice of the EU, Henrik Øe, has been appointed honorary professor at the Department of Law.

2015.10.19 | Research news

International rights rarely make it to Danish workers

Several EU rules meant to protect the rights of Danish workers have not been properly implemented in the Danish labour market. In various cases, Danes suffering from e.g. physical or mental disabilities have been caught in the middle. Researcher from Aarhus University has received DKK 1.7 million to explore the extent of the problem.

The Competition Council makes decisions within the scope of the Danish Competition Act in cases of either fundamental or major importance e.g. in connection with major mergers, anti-competitive agreements or when companies abuse their dominant positionPhoto: Colourbox
Pernille Wegener Jessen
Philipp Schröder

2015.10.02 | People

New and trimmed down Competition Council with no less than two researchers from Aarhus BSS

Professor of economics Philipp Schröder and associate professor of law Pernille Wegener Jessen are both at the table in the new Danish Competition Council which has trimmed down from 18 to only seven members.

2015.09.09 | Business and finance

Establishing a framework for European business and industry

Professor Paul Krüger Andersen has headed the first comparative analysis of company laws in the EU member states and have formulated a series of best practice recommendations. Several EU countries have already implemented parts of the recommendations which are expected to strengthen European business and industry.

2015.05.20 | Society and politics

Aarhus University assumes chairmanship of the UN centre for children’s rights

The rights of children have been described in the UN’s Convention of the Rights of the Child. But given that the convention must accommodate 194 countries with widely different cultural practices, the convention is too unspecific and allows for the rules to be interpreted differently. This is one among the many aspects that AU’s children and…

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INTRAlaw Colloquium 2018 - Fundamental Rights at Work (26-28 November)
The aim of this 3 day colloquium is to bring together researchers with an interest in fundamental rights in an EU or international law perspective and researchers with an interest in labour and employment law. The colloquium gives an opportunity for researchers from different disciplines to investigate the common theme of fundamental rights at the work place.


Event archive

Fri 09 Nov
08:30-17:00 | Aalborg University, Niels Jernes Vej 6A, 9220 Aalborg
Conference: The Role of Soft Law in International Commercial Law
On the occasion of the 25th CISG Advisory Council meeting, Aalborg University’s research group on private law invites legal scholars, practitioners, adjudicators, and students to participate at a conference concerning the role of soft law in international commercial law. The conference is hosted by the Department of Law at Aalborg University in collaboration with INTRAlaw research center at Aarhus University and the CISG Advisory Council. The conference is kindly sponsored by Dreyers Fond and NEAS Energy A/S.
Mon 24 Sep
12:00-15:00 | Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Denmark
Informal Round Table Discussion on ‘Maritime Security, Law of the Sea and Human Rights’
Fri 15 Jun
09:30-16:00 | Aarhus University
CALL FOR PAPERS Workshop Day 2: Climate change litigation: trends, policy implications and the way forward
[Translate to English:] Aarhus University announce a call for papers for a workshop on Climate change litigation: trends, policy implications and the way forward to take place at Aarhus University, Department of Law on 14 – 15 June 2018.
Thu 14 Jun
11:00-17:00 | Aarhus University
CALL FOR PAPERS Workshop Day 1: Climate change litigation: trends, policy implications and the way forward
Workshop on Climate change litigation: trends, policy implications and the way forward to take place at Aarhus University, Department of Law on 14 – 15 June 2018.
Wed 06 Jun
12:15-13:00 | Building 1410, Room 247, Department of Law, Aarhus University
Seminar: Political Questions and the Court of Justice of the European Union – Jed Odermatt
Seminar details: The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has found itself increasingly faced with issues that are ‘political’ in nature. How does the CJEU navigate these sensitive political issues?
Mon 28 May
12:00-13:30 | Juridisk Institut, Aarhus Universitet, bygning 1410, lokale 247
Multi-level governance – a theory of European integration originating in political science
Foredrag på dansk - arrangeret af Niels Skovmand Rasmussen, SDU og Tanja Jørgensen, AU
Wed 25 Apr
10:00-16:00 | Aarhus University, Denmark
CVG Symposium
International Symposium 25-26 April. Today, production takes place in globally fragmented chains and networks of suppliers and corporate groups. In theory, global value chains should allow value and risk to be equally distributed across the points of production. Law plays a central role both in enabling these modes of production and in providing solutions to the problem.
Mon 19 Mar
12:00-19:00 | Aarhus University, Departement of Law,
Workshop - Access to Justice in theory and practice
Workshop hosted by the INTRAlaw research centre, Department of Law, Aarhus University on 19 and 20 March 2018.
Thu 08 Feb
16:00-17:00 | Bygning 1414, lokale 317, Juridisk Institut, Aarhus Universitet
Thinking about doing a PhD in Law?
Come to the information meeting at the Department of Law and find out more about the PhD degree programme in law, hear current PhD students talk about their experiences, and get inspiration for subjects, projects and the PhD process. The next application deadline is 9 April 2018.
Fri 13 Oct
10:15-12:00 | Vandrehallen, Building 1410, Department of Law, Aarhus University, Bartholins Allé 16, 8000 Aarhus C
The preliminary ruling procedure in a changing environment: A view from the European Court of Justice
Judge at the Court of Justice of the European Union, Allan Rosas, delivers a lecture on recent developments in the legal, political and economic environment, and their implications for the Court. Furthermore, the lecture will address the ways, if any, that national courts in Member States and the Court of Justice have adapted to these developments.

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