Access to Justice
in theory and practice

  • Workshop on 19-20 March 2018

European Tendencies and Perspectives

Access to Justice is a very important but still slightly underexposed topic among academics in many different fields such as sociology, law, criminology etc.

The need for research is not only enlightened through national studies on free process, legal aid, ADR, precarious groups etc. Also the accentuation of the duty of national states to secure access to justice in the European Convention on Human Rights art. 6 and in the EU Charter on fundamental Rights 2000/C 364/01, art. 47 calls for academics alongside with practitioners to contribute to the development of a deeper understanding of the contents of the terms access and justice.

In order to open for both general and principal theoretical debates and debates on more detailed topics the workshop will be composed of plenary sessions, as well as session panels.

There will be great opportunities for registered participants to give presentations on their own research as long as it reflects further development on theoretical understanding of Access to Justice, methodological challenges in the study of Access to Justice, contemporary means and barriers for obtaining Access to Justice or advocacy for Access to Justice.

The programme will mirror a balance between a systems-approach and a citizens-approach to Access to Justice. The presentations may start out from very different approaches e.g. narrow thematic perspectives, such as access to justice for specific groups like children, criminals, disabled people, foreigners, elderly etc. They may also refer to societal institutions of relevance like Courts and other conflict resolution means, legal aid and the like, or to societal obstructions or barriers for Access to Justice such as corruption.

Tentative programme

Monday 19 March 2018


Registration and light lunch



Tine Sommer, Head of the Department of Law
Opening speech


Keynote speaker Rebecca Sandefur, Associate Professor of

Sociology and Law, University of Illinois, College of Law, US:

Civil Justice at the Crossroads”




Asbjørn Storgaard, former research assistant, Aarhus

University, the Department of Law:

“Access to justice research: State of the art and perspectives”




Session 1
Annabel Cerezo, associate professor, University of Malaga:“Access to Justice for immigrant women victims of crimes in Spain”

Olaf Halvorsen Rønning, PhD candidate, University of Oslo, Faculty of Law:“Procedural requirements for legal aid decisions in the ECtHR case law”




Session 2 a

Nina Von Hielmcrone, part-time lecturer, Aalborg University, Institute of Law: “Legal Aid in the Ghetto”

Isabel Schoultz, PhD Researcher, Lund University, Department of Sociology of Law: “Legal aid in Sweden - a model for access to justice in practice?”


Session 2 b

Mariangela Iannaccone, Postdoc, Aarhus University, the Department of Law: “Delivering Access to Justice to consumers. The state of Art and solutions for the future”

Denis de Castro Halis, senior instructor, University of Macau, Faculty of Law: “Access to Justice, New Technologies and the Judiciary:  Lessons from European and Latin American Legal Aid Models”


Social Dinner

Tuesday 20 March 2018




Keynote speaker Kerstin Svensson, Professor of Social Work, Socialhögskolan, Lund University, Sweden: “Advocacy – a nice idea, but a complex practice”




Session 3

Lisbet Christoffersen, professor, Roskilde University, department of Society and Business Studies: “Access to justice in conflicts regarding religion?”

Lin Adrian, associate professor, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen: “ADR and ODR – new ways of dispute resolution”





Session 4a

Camilla Sabroe Jydebjerg, associate professor, University College Absalon Roskilde: ”The concept of Justice in relation to municipal decision­-making”

Vicky Kemp, principal research fellow, University of Nottingham:“Digital Legal Rights for Young Suspects”                     


Session 4 b

Karin Hilmer Pedersen, associate professor, Sociology of Law, Aarhus University:“Access to justice and corruption”

Patricia Faraldo Cabana, professor of criminal law, University of A Coruña: “The invisibility of male victims of human trafficking. An obstacle to achieving access to justice for all victims”



13.30- 14.30                     

Session 5a                                                                  

Elise Koppang Fløjd, adviser, Centre for the Studies of Professions, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences: ”Legal Clinics in Gamle Oslo”                                                         

Kati Nieminen, post-doctoral researcher, Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy, University of Helsinki: “Asylum seekers and access to legal aid in Finland – recent Developments”


Session 5b

Ellen Margrethe Basse, professor, the Department of Law, Aarhus University: “Access to Justice as an important instrument to ensure vertical and trans-national protection of the environment”

Lærke Assenbjerg, PhD fellow, the Department of Law, Aarhus University: “New regulation paradigm affects access to justice in regards to environmental protection of water eco-systems”





Karsten Aastrøm, professor em., Lund University, Sweden

Rebecca Sandefur, Associate Professor of Sociology and Law, University of Illinois, College of Law, US

Kerstin Svensson, Professor of Social Work,

Socialhögskolan, Lund University, Sweden


Wrap-up, Closing of the Conference

Bettina Lemann Kristiansen, Aarhus University, Denmark

Anette Storgaard, Aarhus University, Denmark

Registration and abstracts

  • Deadline for registration is 21 February 2018.
  • There is no participation fee
  • Food during the workshop and dinner on the 19th March will be covered for all participants giving a presentation
  • Everybody will have to pay for her or his own travel costs and accommodation.
  • Please send your abstract to Tinna Meyer, no later than 21 February 2018.

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