Shareholders' duties

How is traditional company law affected,
when shareholders' rights become duties?

The research project

The increasing pressure from researchers and politicians to regard shareholders not just as having certain rights but also as a group with certain obligations is an apparent shift in the perception of shareholders, which makes it clear that the current framework for the regulation of corporate governance has obvious defects.

With DKK 4.3 million from the Danish Council for Independent Research, the research group will analyse and determine which duties we can and should impose on the shareholders, the possible implications of doing so and how we may enforce the rules and penalise any infringement.



The research group will

  1. assemble a group of European researchers
  2. post a post.doc. position in March 2015
  3. organise a conference in November 2015 on shareholders’ duties
  4. organise workshops on different aspects of shareholders’ duties
  5. publish a number of papers on different aspects of shareholders’ duties
  6. publish a book on shareholders’ duties in 2016
  7. aim to influence the European debate on shareholders’ duties