Ph.d. forsvar

Nikolas Feith Tan to defend his PhD dissertation "International Cooperation on Refugees: Between Protection and Deterrence"

2019.04.01 | Linda Andersen

Date Fri 26 Apr
Time 14:00 17:00
Location Auditorium 455, Bygning 1342
Nikolas Feith Tan

Nikolas Feith Tan


Nikolas' PhD thesis analyses bilateral cooperation on asylum seekers and refugees between Global North and Global South states, with an empirical focus on policies led by Australia and European countries.

The thesis considers the limits international law places on state cooperation in this area and sets out standards for cooperation in accordance with human rights and refugee law. In so doing, the thesis analyses issues of practice, jurisdiction, responsibility and accountability in bilateral cooperation, and introduces the concept of transnational asylum to inform future cooperation on asylum seekers and refugees.

Topic of the lecture will be: ”Transnational asylum: a realistic or idealistic legal vision”.

Assessment committee

  • Professor Michelle Foster, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne
  • Professor David Cantor, School of Advanced Study, University of London
  • Associate professor Louise Halleskov Storgaard, Department of Law, Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University (Chairperson)


After the defence the Department of Law will host a reception in building 1414, room 317. Everyone is welcome.

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