Inaugural lecture: Tanja Jørgensen

The topic of the inaugural lecture: Peer-to-peer lending

2019.02.01 | Camilla Ransborg Kirkegaard

Date Tue 12 Mar
Time 14:15 16:00
Location Aarhus Universitet, bygning 1342, lokale 455

Digital innovation has opened up new possibilities for nontraditional financial players and the growth of the online alternative finance market. The crowdfunding movement is one of the most important examples of how new business models based on financial technology (Fin-Tech) emerge. As a major part of this movement, ‘crowdlending’ – known as peer-to-peer lending – has spread throughout Europe, including the Nordic countries, and is rapidly growing. 

This inaugural lecture deals with following questions: How does peer-to-peer lending fit into the context of the existing legal framework concerning banks, payment services, money laundering and terrorist financing, consumer credit, investor protection etc.? Is the existing legislation sufficient or is new special legislation necessary?

The presentation will be in Danish with English slides.


After the lecture, Department of Law will host a reception.

Lecture / talk