Top U.S. lawyer to contribute to Arctic research at AU

Professor (LLD) Edward Canuel, an American diplomat and professor at the U.S. Military Academy (West Point) in New York, has been appointed honorary professor at Aarhus University. His focus: comparative law and socio-economic legal studies, with special emphasis on the Arctic. Edward’s inaugural lecture will take place on 24 October.

2014.08.26 | Andreas G. Jensby

In October this year, Professor (LLD) Edward Canuel will be appointed honorary professor at Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences. His appointment runs until 2019. He will be affiliated with the cross-disciplinary research group INTRAlaw at the Department of Law as well as AU Herning. Both departments have researchers who conduct significant research on the development of the Arctic.

He says the following about his collaboration with Aarhus University:

“Aarhus University is renowned internationally, and I’m very impressed with the level and diversity of the university’s research and with the global collaborations that have been established, not least with the U.S.  Aarhus University is in a strong position to continue to conduct robust Arctic research and remain a key institutional player on an international scale– and I’m looking forward to being part of that,” he says.

Law, International Relations and the Arctic
Edward Canuel has strong ties to the Nordics. He earned a PhD from the University of Oslo and has spent extensive time in Denmark throughout his career, including as a lecturer at AU’s Summer School, the University of Copenhagen and the Copenhagen Business School. In his diplomatic work while serving at the U.S. embassy in Copenhagen, he covered energy, environmental, Arctic and scientific issues throughout the Nordic countries, the Baltics, Russia, Germany and Poland.  

Edward also previously served at the U.S. embassy in Oslo and as the climate change liaison to Europe in Washington, D.C., allowing him to acquire extensive insights into Europe and especially the Nordic countries.  He also was named the U.S. government’s candidate to become the Arctic Council Secretariat’s first Executive Director.

Edward Canuel teaches and conducts research on international relations and comparative, commercial law from a socio-economic perspective. These are current areas of interest, especially in relation to the development of the Arctic.

“Divergent legal results may emerge in cross-border transactions, particularly those involving the legal regimes of countries from different legal traditions. This certainly holds true in commercial transactions concerning the eight Arctic states. International and geopolitical relations and socio-economic issues, in addition to evolving legal matters emerging from the Arctic’s increasing commercial development, will also play key roles in charting the region’s future” explains Edward Canuel.

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