Foreigners are keen to read about a Danish lawyer

Jens Evald’s biographical work about the great Danish jurisprudential thinker Alf Ross is now being published in England and the U.S. The book caused a great deal of debate when it was first published in Denmark in 2010. Not least due to the book’s assessment of Ross’ impact on contemporary law.

Foreign interest in the Danish lawyer Alf Ross (1899-1979) has led Professor Jens Evald’s biographical work, Alf Ross - A Life, to be published in both England and the U.S. The date of publication is 18 June. Together with his two Swedish colleagues, Alf Ross was the progenitor of Scandinavian realism within the fields of legal theory and philosophy of law. His teachings are still being greatly debated and taught to students around the world.

Created debate
When the book came out in Denmark in 2010, it caused quite a lot of debate; mainly because it had something to say about Alf Ross’ impact on contemporary law.

“Alf Ross was the great star in the Danish legal sky, and he was known far and wide, beyond the borders of Denmark. Once in a while I am contacted by people from abroad who are interested in Ross’ life and teachings, so it’s only a natural step that the book is now being published in English as well,” says Jens Evald.

Controversial or really good
Back when Jens Evald started working on his book about Alf Ross, he was not aware of what was awaiting him. During a visit in Norway, his Norwegian colleagues told him that Alf Ross had left behind a series of diaries and private letters that were actually available at the Royal Library in Copenhagen.

“It turned out that Ross had lived a very exciting life, both professionally and personally.  I chose to write an open and honest biography about his life based on this material, and I thought it would either be a really good book or a controversial one. I think it ended up somewhere in between”, explains Jens Evald.

The book Alf Ross - A Life will be published in England and the U.S. on 18 June 2014.

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