Max Sørensen lecture pulling in crowds

On 19 January 2013, the renowned AU law professor Max Sørensen would have been 100 years old. The event was celebrated in a packed Lakeside Lecture Theatre. Supreme court judge Jens Peter Christensen, LLD, gave the anniversary lecture.

2013.02.28 | Charlotte Ebbesen

The Max Sørensen lecture is held every year, but this year's event reached beyond the legal world, because as a young law professor in the infancy of Aarhus University, Max Sørensen was the driving force behind an entirely new study programme: Political Science. This year's lecturer, supreme court judge Jens Peter Christensen, LLD, gave the audience a vivid and sympathetic description of the person Max Sørensen and his relationship with constitutional law and political science.

A major attraction at Department of Law

The large audience quickly filled the university's biggest lecture theatre. This year's audience included the Danish parliamentary ombudsman, the Legal Adviser to the Danish Government, judges from the Western High Court, local lawyers, legal experts and political scientists from the university as well as students and quite a lot of other interested listeners. After an inspiring and, not least, entertaining hour in the company of Jens Peter Christensen, the Department of Law hosted a buffet reception.

A bigwig in the legal world

"AU owes a lot to Max Sørensen," said Jens Peter Christensen towards the end of his lecture. And rightly so, because in addition to establishing the study programme in Political Science, the notable law professor also left his mark, both nationally and, not least internationally, on international law, e.g. as a Danish UN representative and as a European Court of Human Rights judge. Max Sørensen is the person behind Section 20 of the Danish Constitution on the surrender of sovereignty, which is highly topical following the Supreme Court's ruling that Denmark's accession to the Lisbon Treaty did not constitute surrender of sovereignty.

At the event, Professor Jens Hartig Danielsen, LLD, also presented a new major work, 'Max Sørensen - 100 år', with contributions from 26 leading legal experts.

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