Law students ranked third among the world’s best universities

Law students from The Department of Law have proven that they are members of the world elite. Together with Harvard, they came third in a major international competition, only beaten by the Indian university Nalsar, which won the competition, and UCL in London, which took second place.

A team of eight law students ranks among the international frontrunners when it comes to knowledge of international law pertaining to the sale of goods and arbitration. They took an impressive third place in the prestigious, international moot court competition for law students, Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, which has been held in Vienna, Austria on an annual basis since 1994.

Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot is a prestigious, international moot court competition for law students. The aim is to promote the study of international commercial law and arbitration and to train law students to become the international arbitrators and arbitration attorneys of tomorrow. The impressive third place indicates that the law students from Aarhus University are among the best in this area on a global scale.

According to Michael Steinicke, Head of the Department of Law, the students' achievement is very impressive, as this is the largest moot court competition in the world:

- Everyone at the Department of Law is very happy and proud of the achievement, which we believe indicates that both the students and the expertise that the lecturers at the department pass on are at a very high level.

Outstanding international result
The rounds of oral arguments took place in Vienna and resulted in the team from Aarhus University, consisting of eight law students, reaching the semi-finals. Thus, they took a third place – side by side with Harvard University. None of the Danish teams previously participating in the Vis Moot have reached a higher position.

The four students who presented the oral arguments received a very special honourable mentioning for their effort.

The result strikes a responsive chord in the academic community and presents Aarhus University as a legal educational institution at the highest international level.

Cooperation with the law company DELACOUR DANIA
In this year’s competition, DELACOUR DANIA has sponsored the team from Aarhus University, and has also worked closely with Professor Kim Sommer Jensen from the Department of Law on the matter of guidance. Attorney-at-law Christian Holch and Attorney-at-law and Partner Sophus Bøgeskov Christensen, both from DELACOUR DANIA, as well as Assistant Attorney Christian Madsen have acted as coaches for the team and have worked intensively with the eight students since the beginning of January 2012.

- At the Department of Law, we are very pleased with the cooperation we have had with DELACOUR DANIA and hope that success stories such as this one can contribute to improving the cooperation between the Department of Law and the community in other areas, says Michael Steinicke.

DELACOUR DANIA is hosting a reception on 27 April at 2.30 p.m. for the eight participants, where Dean Svend Hylleberg and Anne-Dorte Bruun Nielsen, Director of studies at the Department of Law, also will be attending in order to mark the great result.


  • DELACOUR DANIA is one of the largest law companies in Denmark with offices in Aarhus (headquarters), Copenhagen, Nuuk, Tórshavn, Moscow, Kiev and Warsaw.
  • Attorney-at-law and Partner Sophus Bøgeskov Christensen has acted as supervisor for six teams from Aarhus University since the first team of students participated in the Vis Moot in 2002.
  • DELACOUR DANIA not only sponsors and offers guidance to the Aarhus teams, but has also employed several of the law students who have formed part of the Aarhus teams in the Vis Moot.
  • DELACOUR DANIA employs almost 200 people, including around 80 lawyers. The primary clients are small and medium-sized companies throughout Denmark, but the clientele also includes private clients.
  • Students:

Mette Søsted
Mobile: 6061 2033

Rune Grinderslev

Mette Hagen Pedersen
Mobile: 3091 0395

Magdalena Olesiewicz

Søren Henriksen

Thea Ballegaard Laursen
Mobile: 2162 1719

Christina Delfs Legaard

Mette Sørensen
Mobile: 2068 3931


Kim Sommer

Kim Sommer Jensen, Professor
Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences
Department of Law
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Sophus Bøgeskov Christensen

Sophus Bøgeskov Christensen, Attorney-at-law and Partner
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Christian Holch

Christian Holch, Attorney-at-law
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