Law professor appointed to new committee on human rights law

The Danish Ministry of Justice has appointed Michael Hansen Jensen, Professor of Law at Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences, to a special committee on human rights law tasked with assessing the importance of granting greater prominence to human rights in Danish law.

By the end of September 2013, a committee established by the Danish government is to take a position on a range of key issues in the field of human rights.

Against the background of his years of work on constitutional law, Professor Michael Jensen has recently been appointed to the ‘Committee on incorporation, etc. in the area of human rights law’ as a special expert. 

He is naturally delighted with the appointment, as the committee’s recommendations can have far-reaching effects in the future. 

“The work of the committee is very challenging and centres on issues of significant importance to principle and society – namely the protection of a number of human rights in Danish law on the basis of international conventions,” explains Michael Hansen Jensen.

He goes on to emphasise that it is therefore important to inform and advise the Danish Parliament and Government as comprehensively as possible.

The European Convention on Human Rights has been incorporated into Danish law since 1992, and the committee is now to clarify the benefits and drawbacks of incorporating additional human rights instruments into Danish law.

In addition, the committee is to determine whether Denmark should adopt a supplementary protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights, and whether Denmark should ratify a range of individual appeals processes, which would grant individual citizens granted the opportunity to appeal to UN committees and the like regarding alleged breaches of specific UN conventions such as the UN Convention on Child Rights.

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