Lars Henrik Gam Madsen named lecturer of the year

At the Faculty Party in June, Professor Lars Henrik Gam Madsen was named "Lecturer of the Year at BSS". Lars Henrik Gam Madsen is a highly accomplished lecturer, and his teaching now even includes the use of an electronic learning platform for giving students a clearer insight into the world of law and a more active role in relation to written assignments.

Professor Lars Henrik Gam Madsen from the Department of Law was presented with the "Lecturer of the Year at BSS" award at this year’s Faculty Party, which took place on 7 June. He is described as a powerful disseminator, and has now been nominated lecturer of the year by the law students at Aarhus University three years in a row.

"Lars Henrik Gam Madsen manages to capture and hold the students’ interest in his own unique way," says Head of Department Michael Steinicke.

Electronic learning platform contributes to more concrete learning
Lars Henrik Gam Madsen teaches in property law and the law of mortgages and pledges, which are part of the two important exams Property law I and Property law 2 and which conclude the lawyers’ Bachelor’s degree programme.

One of the things that Lars Henrik Gam Madsen was praised for is that, during the last semester, he successfully incorporated an electronic learning platform in his teaching. The intention was to give students a more participatory role in tackling the assignments and to show them how the person grading the assignments assesses the papers.

Initially, the electronic learning platform has been offered to the whole year, and Lars Henrik Gam Madsen has invested many hours in the project to make it succeed. He had counted on 20 or 30 students signing up, but with almost 180 students participating, the level of interest was much higher.

Lars Henrik Gam Madsen has taught the year group of approx. 350 students as he usually does. However, the students who had registered for trialling the electronic learning platform have, in addition to the teaching, undertaken additional assignments.

As part of the trial, each student had to write one paper and correct three papers while following a specific set of guidelines. In other words, each student received comments from three other students on his or her paper.

According to the guidelines, the papers had to be corrected based on the following criteria:

  1. Can the assignment be understood in a legal context?
  2. Has the student correctly understood the rules which have been used?
  3. Can the rules be used in the given context?
  4. Is the paper correctly structured?

A look behind the scenes
The subject Property law 1 is designed to simulate the work of a judge, while Property law 2 simulates the work of a lawyer. In Property law 1, basically all the material is relevant, while in Property law 2 the student must learn to sort various information.

"Property law 1 and 2 are two of the harder subjects on the law course," says Lars Henrik Gam Madsen, and adds:

"However, the electronic learning platform gives the students an insight into how they can apply the various rules. The best way of learning legal method is to use it. The assignments have helped the students to become better at defining the case, sorting through the available information, finding the relevant rules and applying them".

Lars Henrik Gam Madsen explains that the students who participated in the trial have been given an in-depth look behind the scenes at how their assignments are assessed:

"It has given them a chance to see with their own eyes what a teacher and a censor are looking for when marking an assignment".

Further information
Lars Henrik Gam Madsen
Professor, Department of Law
Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences
+45 87 16 56 62


  • Lars Henrik Gam Madsen was named Lecturer of the Year at the School of Business and Social Sciences in 2013
  • Lars Henrik Gam Madsen has now been named Lecturer of the Year by the law students at Aarhus University three years in a row.