Lecturer of the year

The Legal Academic Council (Jurrådet) has awarded associate professor Helle Isager, Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences, Department of Law, the lecturer of the year award. In presenting the award, the students are acknowledging Helle Isager for her instructive and effective teaching.

2013.04.23 | Julia Rolsted Stacey

Helle Isager is an associate professor and vice head of the Department of Law. Her role involves numerous administrative tasks which she supplements with teaching in the spring semester.

Helle Isager teaches tort law, a job she would not give up for anything. She loves teaching – and she is good at it. Her teaching is also very much appreciated by Helle Isager’s students who read law. They find her lectures interesting and educational, and they have just named her lecturer of the year.


Well-planned teaching

Teaching 400 first-year students can be a challenge, but it is one that Helle Isager relishes, and says:

- It’s a real pleasure being able to lay the grounds for first-year law students.

Helle Isager also says that law is in many ways a subject where students do not really know what they are going into.

- Many of the students have never had law until they start on the programme, so it’s interesting to play a role in fostering their interest, she says.

Careful planning is required to teach 400 students in an auditorium. Helle Isager cannot just cast subjects out to the students and ask them to discuss the day’s assignments in groups. She is therefore careful to change the tempo of her teaching, and instead takes discussions and answers questions from students in the break.


A good story

According to Helle Isager, tort law is a fascinating subject which concerns people who are injured, for example victims of traffic accidents or children who are hurt while playing.

Helle Isager says it is a subject with many everyday situations which students can easily relate to.

- My teaching is based on judgements rooted in good human stories, which I then look at from a lawyer’s perspective.


Lecturer of the year leads to better teaching

The Legal Academic Council has chosen this year’s lecturer based on students’ nominations and votes.

- The award is being presented because the Legal Academic Council wants to highlight instructive and interesting teaching, says Astrid Knigge, a fourth-semester law undergraduate and a member of the Legal Academic Council, and adds:

- It’s important to recognise that this is a job well done – a series of lectures which are given in such a way that students find them good and effective.

- The Legal Academic Council hopes that the lecturer of the year award will contribute to better teaching. The award gives teachers an insight into what today’s students find important. The Legal Academic Council also hopes that the award will encourage a sense of competition among teachers so they go to slightly greater lengths, thereby resulting in better teaching, says Astrid Knigge in conclusion.

Further information
Helle Isager
Associate professor, vice head of department, Department of Law
Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences
+45 8716 5668



  • Legal Academic Council elects lecturer of the year
  • The Legal Academic Council has eleven members who are elected for one year at a time by the law students at AU who are entitled to vote.
  • In naming this year’s lecturer of the year, Jens Hartig Danielsen was in second place and Lars Henrik Gam Madsen in third place.
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