Welcome to Aarhus, Denmark

The rather small country of Denmark is 43.098 square kilometers and situated in Scandinavia. Denmark has a population of approximately 5.5 million people. The capital is Copenhagen with 1.2 million inhabitants.


In the heart of Jutland, situated on the Eastern coast, you will find Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city with a population of approximately 315,000 inhabitants in the city and 1.2 million inhabitants in the greater Aarhus Area.

Being a university city, Aarhus is the youngest in Denmark measured by average age, but historically one of the oldest. The city was founded in the Viking age as an open trading station at the mouth of the river. The vibrant mix of youthful energy and a living history is what makes Aarhus a city with an energetic beat where everything is within easy walking distance.

European Capital of Culture in 2017
As European Capital of Culture in 2017, Aarhus will offer its visitors a spectacular program stretching across the breadth of culture, sports, gastronomy, events and exhibitions during the entire year. A particular highlight during the summer of Aarhus 2017 will be a special edition of the Sculptures by the Sea, a unique outdoor exhibition along the scenic coast line of Aarhus.