Political tax equity in a global context

14.11.2019 | Linda Andersen

Dato man 25 nov
Tid 11:00 13:00
Sted Lokale 147, Bygning 1410, Juridisk Institut, Bartholins Allé 16, 8000 Aarhus C

The Tax Law Group has arranged a seminar where Yvette Lind will present her post doc project: “Political (Tax) Equity in a Global Context” – Some initial reflections on how individuals may indirectly influence tax legislation and public spending in Sweden, Germany and US.

The project explores the effects of increased taxpayer mobility with reference to the allocation of not only taxation and access to (social) welfare benefits but also political rights and benefits such as voting privileges. As a result, the project is highly influenced by not only legal frameworks traditionally linked to taxation and social insurance law, but also constitutional law, legal philosophy, political economics and political science.

Yvette Lind is assistant professor in tax law at Copenhagen Business School.

She is an alumnus at the Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance where she has been a guest researcher in 2018 and a scholarship holder in 2019. 

In addition to this, she has been a guest researcher at the Faculty of Law at Lund University, IBFD (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation) in Amsterdam, the School of Business and Social Sciences at Aarhus University and the Faculty of Law at Copenhagen University.

She defended her doctoral thesis on taxation and social security contributions linked to cross-border working at Umeå University in 2017 and subsequently received a postdoc from the Swedish TOR/Skattenytt foundation (2017-2019).

The seminar will be held in English.

Everyone is welcome.