PhD Defence: Public Procurement and Framework Agreements

Dorthe Kristensen Balshøj defends her PhD thesis: Public Procurement and Framework Agreements – the application of competition law to contracting authorities in a procurement context

19.02.2018 | Michael Schrøder

Dato fre 09 mar
Tid 13:00 15:30
Sted Aarhus University, building 1342, lecture hall 455

The laws on public procurement and competition are important building blocks within the EU internal market. The development of procurement law and competition law has largely taken place ​​without any reference to each other, and this is because the two sets of rules are grounded in separate places of the TFEU, and they have different purposes.

The competition rules only apply when an entity exercises economic activity and therefore public administration and public regulation are by default not included. Competition law can thus only regulate the behavior of contracting authorities if the contracting authority carries out economic activity.

Central purchasing bodies are contracting authorities, and they function as intermediaries of the public sector as they act as middlemen between the supplier of a good or service and a public buyer who will employ the good or service.

The dissertation carries out an analysis of whether central purchasing bodies perform economic activity when they act as middlemen and if so, what the competition law effects are.

Topic of the lecture:

How the rules and principles of competition law are or should be applied to public authorities in a procurement context

The assessment committee:

  • Professor Lars Henriksson, Stockholm School of Economics
  • Associate partner and attorney-at-law Sune Troels Poulsen, Copenhagen
  • Professor Palle Bo Madsen, Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University (Chair)


After the defence the Department of Law will host a reception in building 1414, room 317.

Everyone is welcome.