PhD Defence: Enhanced Trademark Protection. Law and Practice in China

Kaiyu Xiao defends her PhD thesis: Enhanced Trademark Protection. Law and Practice in China in the light of European experience.

15.03.2018 | Michael Schrøder

Dato ons 11 apr
Tid 13:00 15:30
Sted Aarhus University, building 1342 lecture hall 455

Enhanced trademark protection is the enhanced protection on "big names", or well-known trademark in the Chinese legal context.

This thesis aims at answering the research question "How does Chinese law and practice provide enhanced trademark protection, in the light of European experience?" It focuses on clarifying the concept "well known mark" in the Chinese legal context, the well known status determination rules and the scope of protection for such trademarks.

It comes to the conclusion that while China can improve its enhanced trademark protection law and practice by drawing from the European experience, this area of Chinese law and practice is under development in its own way. 

This topic is highly relevant to trademark owners and lawyers that do business in China. It is a contribution to international legal scholarship on well-known marks from a Chinese perspective and on Chinese law research in general. 

Topic of the lecture:

The concept of “well known status” in Chinese trademark law and practice.

The assessment committee:

  • Professor, dr. jur., Thomas Riis, University of Copenhagen
  • Professor, LL.D., Katja Lindroos, University of Eastern Finland
  • Professor, PhD, Birgit Liin, Aarhus University (Chair)


After the defence the Department of Law will host a reception in building 1414, room 317.

Everyone is welcome.