Colloquium on Access to Justice

The INTRAlaw Research Center at Aarhus University is arranging a colloquium on Access to Justice on 21-22 November 2019

18.10.2019 | Tinna Meyer

Dato tor 21 nov fre 22 nov
Tid 11:30    13:30
Sted Department of Law, Aarhus University, Building 1410, Room 247

The colloquium will focus on two topics that hold challenges to Access to Justice – namely:

  1. Access to Justice in environmental matters and
  2. Access to justice – legal aid and digitalization.

The event aims to bring together academics to discuss and advance the developments on access to justice on these two topics, both in transnational and national/local settings.


21 November 11:30-18:00 and 22 November 08:30-13:30