Conference: Law in Transition

Law in transition – Interacting legal orders and changing actors

This conference takes as its point of departure the fact that sovereign states are no longer the only actors in charge of establishing, implementing and enforcing legal norms. To an increasing extent, legal norms are established as a result of activities in international and supranational organizations, transnational corporations and through collaboration between public law and private law entities at a national, supranational and international level. The aim of the conference is to shed light on the impact of these new tendencies 

  1. on legal regulatory mechanisms,
  2. on the role of the traditional legal actors, and
  3. on the subsequent challenges for legal research. 

At the conference also the potential impact of the rising anti-globalization ideas could be touched upon in regard to the overall legal developments and their design and democratic legitimacy.

Free event, but registration needed. Registration deadline is friday 15 September 2017

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