Centre for

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Growth and development in Denmark's SMEs

About the SME centre

The Centre for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises aims to generate knowledge about how to foster growth in SMEs and shed light on the challenges that SMEs face when trying to create growth and development. SMEs are the backbone of the Danish economy, but we are lagging behind compared with our neighbouring countries when it comes to productivity and innovation. It is therefore important that we provide the necessary support to these SMEs to enable them to increase their level of productivity and innovation. The centre’s research focuses on the regulatory framework that governs the trade and industry and on internal drivers for growth, e.g. business development, innovation, leadership skills and so on.

The centre applies the acquired knowledge in the development of tools tailored to support the development of the SMEs. These tools are made available to companies and advisers through activities specifically targeted SMEs. The researchers continuously monitor and evaluate the SMEs’ application of the tools in order to ensure that the centre creates “knowledge that works”.

Keywords for the SME centre are: framework conditions, business models, innovation, management and board member skills, insight, knowledge, network and communication at eye level.

Head of centre

SME research

Research areas

The goal of the research group is to contribute to heightening the level of knowledge regarding e.g. which factors contribute to growth in SMEs and which factors constitute barriers to development and growth. This includes the legal framework conditions that these companies are subject to. Some examples of topics:

  • Financing: Financing, security, reconstruction, bankruptcies and tax
  • Organisation and management: Company law, by-laws and owner’s agreements, the role of the board of directors and executive committee, as well as owner and control structures
  • Innovation: Innovation needs, drivers, barriers, patents and trademarks as well as intellectual property rights
  • Contracts and compliance: Call for tenders, contract management, terms of payment, accounts and auditing

Tools for development and growth

To make sure that the centre’s research projects and the developed tools reflect the actual needs for knowledge within the SMEs, the research group engages in continuous dialogue and collaboration with SMEs and their advisers through the Knowledge Forum initiative and the SME board member education.