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2017.01.17 | Research news

Researcher: War robots are not illegal

New legal research concludes that weapons systems with autonomous attack capabilities capable of selecting and engaging a target without human interference are not…

2016.12.06 | People

Negotiation expert appointed honorary associate professor

For almost a decade, he has introduced law students and lawyers to the noble art of negotiation. Now, Executive VP Mikkel Gudsøe has been appointed honorary associate…

2016.12.05 | Public/media

The Department of Law gets its own courtroom

Students and employees at Aarhus BSS - Aarhus University can now simulate and train their skills at legal proceedings in real-life surroundings.

From the play “Welcome to Denmark”, where the audience was forced to consider specific asylum cases.

2016.10.12 | Public/media

Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen appointed honorary professor in law

He has arranged theatre plays in front of the City Hall, invited refugees to take part in his classes, and is actually a political science graduate. Now Thomas…

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Sat 01 Apr
00:01-23:59 | Send proposals to Tina Meyer (
Conference: Law in transition - Call for papers
Call for papers for the conference: ‘Law in transition – Interacting legal orders and changing actors' arranged by the INTRAlaw (INternational and TRAnsnational tendencies in LAW) Research Centre.
Thu 15 Jun
17:30-22:00 |
Hugo Sinzheimer Moot - Aarhus 2017
From the 15 to 17 June 2017, approximately 100 ambitious people within European labour law will gather in Aarhus for the second edition of the Hugo Sinzheimer Moot Court Competition.
Thu 28 Sep
11:00-18:00 | Aarhus University
INTRAlaw Conference: Law in transition - day 1
To an increasing extent, legal norms are established as a result of activities in international and supranational organizations, transnational corporations and through collaboration between public law and private law entities at all levels. The aim of the conference is to shed light on the impact of these new tendencies.