Workshop - Access to Justice in theory and practice

Workshop hosted by the INTRAlaw research centre, Department of Law, University of Aarhus on the 19 and 20 of March 2018.

10.01.2018 | Michael Schrøder

Dato man 19 mar tir 20 mar
Tid 12:00    19:00
Sted Aarhus University, Departement of Law,

Access to Justice is a very important but still slightly underexposed topic among academics in many different fields such as sociology, law, criminology etc.

The need for research is not only enlightened through national studies on free process, legal aid, ADR, precarious groups etc. Also the accentuation of the duty of national states to secure access to justice in the European Convention on Human Rights art 6 and in the EU Charter on fundamental Rights 2000/C 364/01, art. 47 calls for academics alongside with practitioners to contribute to develop a deeper understanding of the contents of the terms access and justice.

In order to open for both general and principal theoretical debates and debates on more detailed topics the workshop will be composed of plenary sessions, panels and a few parallel sessions.

There will be rich opportunities for registered participants to give presentations on their own research as long as it reflects further development on theoretical understanding of Access to Justice, methodological challenges in the study of Access to Justice, contemporary means and barriers for obtaining Access to Justice or advocacy for Access to Justice.

The program will mirror a balance between a systems-approach and a citizens-approach to Access to Justice. The presentations may start out from very different approaches as for instance narrow thematic perspectives, such as access to justice for specific groups like children, criminals, disabled people, foreigners, elderly etc. They may also refer to societal institutions of relevance like courts and other conflict resolution means, legal aid and the like, or to societal obstructions or barriers for Access to Justice such as corruption.

Please send the form attached to: Tinna Meyer,  and register here in case you want to give a presentation: no later than February 21st 2018. (information on whether your abstract is accepted for presentation will be given immediately after the deadline for registration).

In case you want to participate without giving a presentation, please register here no later than February 21st 2018.

There is no participation fee. Food and drinks during the workshop will be covered for all participants. Dinner on the 19th March will be covered for participants giving a presentation.

Everybody will have to pay for her or his own travel costs and accommodation.


We look forward to seeing you in Aarhus.


Bettina Lemann Kristiansen, Professor in sociology of Law &

Anette Storgaard, Professor in Criminology and Penology